Bower & Branch levels the playing field for independents.

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We’ve got a plan for changing the way people feel about and buy plants and we’d like to share it with you. Please sign in for an intro to our plan. We guarantee you’ll like what you hear. And if you want more information now or later, please get in touch with us any time.


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…Bower & Branch is actually training the IGC to better their own business in conjunction with the strategic partnership. The opportunity cost of not joining is much higher than the membership fee…

…Bower & Branch helps the IGC stay ahead of the curve, foresee future trends and be marketing visionaries, especially as customer demographics morph into unrecognizable territory. Its also gratifying to know that without the IGC member network, Bower & Branch cannot succeed. I am proud to be a critical component of the team.

Craig S. Calef

Vice President, Corliss Brothers