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Corliss Brothers Garden Center, Ipswich MA

Corliss Brothers

Bower & Branch’s vision is clear, but Don had to convince me I was up to the challenge and I could make this system work. No more by-the-seat-of-our-pants management style.

In a way, Bower & Branch is actually training the IGC to better their own business in conjunction with the strategic partnership. The opportunity cost of not joining is much higher than the membership fee. But if you’re not willing to part with a bit of capital for the chance at true transformation, then this isn’t for you.

There is a learning curve for those of us who are stuck in our old ways and becoming unstuck is critical, motivational and exciting. Bower & Branch helps the IGC stay ahead of the curve, foresee future trends and be marketing visionaries, especially as customer demographics morph into unrecognizable territory. Its also gratifying to know that without the IGC member network, Bower & Branch cannot succeed. I am proud to be a critical component of the team

Craig S. Calef

Vice President , Corliss Brothers Garden Center

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“We’ve already reduced our spring order and inventory throughout the selling season. We plan on reducing—even eliminating—reorders in the future.”

Craig S. Calef

Wildwood Nurseries, Inc., East Greenwich, RI

Wildwood Nurseries

Offering an e-commerce solution on products you already carry and inventory in store is one thing. But offering an e-commerce solution on product you don’t even have to inventory is a home run.

Bower & Branch offers an e-commerce solution directly from the grower. There’s no reason we have to inventory it all to sell. We only have to inventory a percentage and we are capable of selling more using this system.

I knew year one of this system would be a transition year. I still carried a considerable amount of trees to sell in store, mainly because our customers had not been introduced to the Bower & Branch system yet. But starting next season, I intend to carry far less in store. I’m slowly taking what was once rows of trees to more of a display or showroom. If you visit us next year, I think you’ll see even a greater transition from warehouse to showroom.

We opened a separate satellite register/office/kiosk situated among the trees. That way we have a place to bring the customer when we access the internet and look up information on Bower & Branch. We even had water bottle labels printed with our logo and the Bower & Branch logo to let our customers know about the new partnership and service.

It was a culture change for all of us. For me, our customers and most importantly our employees. You have to continuously reinforce the brand and the process with your employees. But Don, Carmen, Wendi and others have all showed that they are willing to help us in any way they can.

David T. Bosco

Owner and President, Wildwood Nurseries, Inc

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